Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Over In Liverpool

Liverpool city centre: I'm on the pavement with Fabi on my hip, directing Ailz into a parking spot by the side of the road. The parking spot is too small and  she has to pull out and back into the stream of traffic which carries her away from me faster than I can keep up on foot. I watch her disappearing round a corner. I don't know my way around Liverpool city centre. I realize I've left my phone in the car with Ailz. It begins to rain.

OK, she circled back and everything was fine again, but for two very long minutes I was close to panic.

Of course when we saw Ailz again and I ran down the pavement to intercept her, Fabi, who was still riding on my hip, thought it was the most wonderful fun.

We were in Liverpool to deliver Odi to a meeting with her solicitor. Ailz went into the interview with her and I remained in the waiting room with Fabi, where he cheered up a number of  anxious people by throwing my hat at them. One of the office staff brought him some chocolate buttons back from her tea break.

This was an important meeting. Odi and Fabi are appealing against the refusal of asylum- and have this one chance to make things right. I was reading the papers in the car as we drove down.The case was badly mishandled earlier. Whoever represented them then (not the woman who is representing them now) allowed all sorts of stuff about witchcraft to go through- and it draws attention away from the catalogue of murderous assaults that Peter and those close to him have suffered.   I don't disbelieve Peter when he says his enemies paid a witchdoctor to go after him, but I'm sure the Home Office official did- and lost patience with him because of it.

The meeting lasted two and a half hours. I think Odi, with Ailz's prompting, gave a good account of herself. The hearing is scheduled for next week..
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