Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


It was our nineteenth wedding anniversary yesterday- and we thought we'd go eat for old time's sake at the Shalimar in Manchester's Northern Quarter. It is no longer there. We went round a couple of corners and found something similar- but smaller and cheaper- where Ailz got to eat shami kebabs and I got to eat lamb karahi. Then, since we had the afternoon in front of us, I suggested we go visit the Museum of Science and Industry- which is something we've been meaning to do for years. Many of the streets in the inner city were closed to traffic- and we had to wiggle around a bit- and when we arrived at the museum we found the tail end of a procession juddering past. Ailz thought it had to be the Lord Mayor's show, but it was actually Manchester Pride. The half naked blokes rather gave the game away. Later we found out that if we'd been there earlier we'd have seen Sir Ian McKellen- in the flesh- riding a tractor. I'm kicking myself for missing that opportunity.

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