Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Ailz came back from her parents yesterday with a bag full of curly kale. It was grown in somebody's garden- not I think my in-law's garden but one of their neighbour's. She asks what's for lunch. "Sausages" I say. "And curly kale." she makes a disappointed noise. "You brought it into the house," I say, "So you get to eat it." "I brought it for the rabbits," she says.

Samina had her washing done and pegged out on the line before she went to work this morning. I'm doing my washing now. It looks like it could be one of those rare days when pegged out washing will dry. I was sitting out in the yard yesterday and I couldn't help hearing Samina and a friend chatting in her yard. Samina was saying her yard doesn't drain properly since they had the builders in. Then they were discussing some shop that right-minded people won't go to any more because the shopwoman is having sex with her brother.

It's Ramadan, of course, Samina and her family were having an especially noisy dinner last night to celebrate the sun going down. Their cooking smells good- and I often wish I was having what's on their menu and not what's on my menu. I'll bet they don't bother with curly kale. 

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