Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Not Padua

A guy falls out of a very high window
“Save me St Antony!”
All at once
It’s as if a hand has grabbed his leg,
He dangles.

Then a very gruff voice:
“Which St Antony- Egypt or Padua?”

“Paduaaaaaaargh.” Splat!

I knew I’d grow like him-
My namesake- Grumpy old bone-bag saint.

Out in the desert no people can bore you
And demons who, at the least, are not boring
Stand out unoccluded in part-time bodies
Of mica and beryl and clear rock crystal.
All around the cell it’s a free fire zone
Where you trigger a prayer and no innocent sucker
Will step in the way.

And the demons burst open
All glittery- like spray from a sprinkler.
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