Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Worried And Confused

The Home Office granted Peter a work permit a few weeks back and he's been applying for jobs. Odi rang at lunchtime yesterday to say he needed a suit for an interview in London - which he was leaving for in a couple of hours- and could we help? So we did. Later, having done some shopping of our own, we rushed him to Manchester coach station and got him there with six minutes to spare.

In the midst of all this kerfuffle a letter came through Peter and Odi's door to say their application for asylum has been turned down.

I wish I knew what was happening. Is it normal to give asylum seekers work permits? Does the work permit imply a right to stay in the country? Is the rejection of the asylum plea a game changer? Are the authorities making it up as they go along?

On top of everything else, Odi is expecting her second child in just under a week.
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