Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Corinium Museum- Roman Objects 1

The Corinium Museum underwent a multi-million pound refit six years ago- and is now the model of what a small, regional museum can be. It has some fascinating things.

And, o joy, they permit photography.

Here are some objects from the Roman collections.

1. Corinium had its own school of mosaic workers. This is an example of their work.

2. A sculpture- in high relief of the three Matres- or mother goddesses

3. The Matres again

4. A goddess has been joined by the three genii cuculatti- pixie like figures in hooded cloaks. No-one knows quite who they are or what they stand for- but they were widely popular- and one can't help thinking that they influenced medieval faery lore.

5. The genii cuculatti again- reduced to hoodies on legs...

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