Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Back From A Weekend Break

Sorry about the hiatus. We've been to visit my mother in Kent- and she doesn't have internet connection. Right now is a good time to visit Kent. The cherries are in season and they're selling them by the roadsides. We bought £5 worth on our way out of the county this morning.

My mother lives near the Hop Farm . A few weeks ago it hosted Bob Dylan. This weekend past it was holding the War and Peace Show- an annual get together for owners of military vehicles. We kept passing jeeps and things in the lanes- and the town was full of unmilitary looking types in US Army fatigues. 

Yesterday we had an improptu family get together. There was my mother, myself and Ailz, my sister and her husband Ian, my nephew Tom, his wife Miche, their little boy, Matthew and my niece Jo.  Last time all these people were together in the same place was at Jo's wedding a year ago. We were entertained by an unusual rusty-breasted bird that was hopping about on the lawn. We got out the field glasses and the Reader's Digest bird book and decided it was probably a linnet.

My mother used to make wine. She has a cache of it going back 20-30 years. On Saturday we opened a bottle dated 1986. I thought it would be undrinkable- but it was actually rather nice, with a full rich muscadet flavour and only a hint of sulphur. 

My mother's next door neighbour keeps alpacas. Funny little beasts.  One sneezed- greenly- all over me.

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