Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Mandy Tells All

Lord Mandelson has rushed his memoirs into print- and excerpts are available today in the Times- behind Rupert's paywall. The advance publicity includes a TV ad where he appears in the guise of a children's story-teller, sitting with a great leatherbound book on his knee in front of a roaring baronial fire. "Once upon a time there was a kingdom..." he begins.

So the last 13 years of British political history were just a fairytale and really not to be taken seriously. Mandy and his boys- the "two kings" and "the prince of darkness"-  were just funning with us, just playing at being in charge. Well, that explains a lot.  It's only a pity they didn't make their attitude clear in advance,  so that we could have laughed along.
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