Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Sleepless In Seattle

So this kid decides on the basis of a single letter that the woman who is stalking his father (she hires a private detective for Chrissakes) is the one he wants to have as his new mother- and engineers a meeting between them that involves him flying 3000 miles alone in the hope that his father will give chase. In consequence the two perfectly decent people our  hero and heroine were dating are kicked aside on the grounds that he has allergies and she has a silly laugh, or- to to bring it down to brass tacks- that neither is normal enough. All slightly creepy and disfunctional, don't you think?

Meg Ryan takes cuteness to the edge of annoying and Tom Hanks- with his inexpressive pudding of a face- is no Cary Grant.

But I enjoyed myself more than I would have done if I'd been watching the World Cup final.

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