Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Big Bang

Amy died once, Rory died twice, the Doctor died twice. Or did they? It was very hard to tell. All that jumping about in time was amusing enough- like a classic farce with people popping in and out of doors- but highly confusing.  In the end- anyway- they'd all come back to life, and were whizzing off on their adventures again as happy as Larry.

When RTD was guiding the show people who died mostly stayed dead- or were regenerated- and people who had passed through traumatic events were marked by them. There was a relatively grown-up understanding of cause and effect. With Moffat eveyone is made of some indestructible material that bounces back into shape at the end of every pummeling. It's like a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

Think about Rory, for instance.  He has spent 2000 years guarding the Pandorica. Imagine what that would mean- 2000 years of dedicated, monastic vigilance; consider the boredom, the hardship, the subterfuge.  Would he really be the same silly old Rory at the end of it all?   Moffat's writing is full of these grand, romantic, broad brush ideas- and he never works them through.
Ok, if it's going to be that sort of show, then fine- I like Tom and Jerry well enough- only don't expect me to care for the characters. And don't try to wring my withers with people dying pathetically when I know they're going to be dancing at a wedding in a scene or two.
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