Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Since It's The Solstice...



                                    The sun stood at noon

                                    And the sea was transparent,

                                    The sailors broke bread

                                    In the shade of the sail,

                                    When a boy, mother-naked,

                                    Leaped out of the water

                                    And climbed to the crosstree

                                    And held up his hand.

                                    "Listen," he said,

                                    "You most fortunate mariners,

                                    I am the twice-born,

                                    The love-child of Zeus.

                                    I was a beast

                                    On the mountains of Thessaly;

                                    I was a fish

                                    In the depths of the sea.

                                    Mine is the way

                                    Of the cup and the dance.

                                    Take leave of yourselves

                                    And come party with me."

                                    But the sailors weren't listening

                                    But climbing the rigging

                                    And swinging lassoes

                                    In an effort to catch him-

                                    To hold him for ransom

                                    Or sell him in Naxos,

                                    But just as the first of them

                                    Reached out to grab him

                                    The ropes turned to vines

                                    And broke off in their hands.

                                    They tried to jump clear

                                    But he touched them with magic

                                    And twelve pretty dolphins

                                    Fell smack in the sea.


                                    It was just after noon

                                    And the sea was transparent,

                                    The dolphins were leaping

                                    Abreast of the prow

                                    As, wrapped up in leaves

                                    Like a sea-going garden

                                    With bees flitting round

                                    The black grapes in the rigging,

                                    Steadily, swiftly,

                                    The ship travelled on.

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