Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Ailz Says I'm Obsessive...

But you can't mess with the bin-men.

These are powerful individuals- and if you pile things in your bin so the lid won't shut they're perfectly within their rights not to empty it.

So imagine my dismay when I looked out this morning and found that Samina- who doesn't have a clue about the rules and etiquette of waste disposal- had loaded her surplus junk into my bin- there was a lot of it because some weeks she'll miss a collection-  with the result that there were two bins- hers and mine- side by side- both over flowing- and with extra grot piled up on the pavement.

I could see the binmen turning up their noses at us- refusing to shift either bin- leaving the rubbish to fester- and festering rubbish means rats.

So I did something a little desperate. I borrowed Renee's bin- she's not at home, she rarely is these days- and redistributed the surplus. Now there were three bins deployed on our stretch- all full, but with lids that would shut.

The binmen turned up shortly afterwards. I had acted just in time. A crisis in public health has been averted. 
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