Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Sleep Paralysis

I had one of those sleep paralysis dreams last night- and knew- even as I was having it- that I was asleep- and all I needed to do to get out of it was wake up. This didn't stop it from being uniquely awful. The experts say that sleep paralysis accounts for most experiences of incubi and succubi and witches and vampires and abducting aliens- to which I nod my head and say, "Yes, but I've never ever made the mistake of thinking one of these things was anything other than a dream." I was being attacked of course- in this instance by an evil child- a boy with whom I'd been having a peacable conversation only moments earlier. You'd think that finding yourself unable to move would be terrifying enough, but- no- you're also always under attack- and threatened with some kind of violation. I wonder why this is.
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