Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

As Usual

So here they come, the first scandals of the coalition. Number one: some silly spat with the BBC over the composition of a discussion panel. Number two: the revelation that the chief secretary to the treasury has been funneling public money to his lover in breach of parliamentary rules. Not big scandals either of them- but enough to signal that the rainbow has faded from the rose garden.

And then- not scandalous exactly, just dispiriting- is the announcement of the names of the deadlegs who are being kicked up to the House of Lords, there to reign over us, happy and glorious. It demonstrates- yet again- that no matter how disgusted the British people may be with your ugly, compromised mug- John Prescott, Ian Paisley, Ian Blair- your fellow establishmentistas can be trusted to see you right. I'm a fan of the House of Lords- sort of-  because of the very many occasions on which it has saved us from horrible, ill-thought-out legislation- but this is absolutely not the way to fill up its benches.

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