Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The French Open.

You expect an opening round match to be one-sided. Murray v Gasquet on the second day of the French Open was anything but. Gasquet's lowly rating is down to bad luck (should a player be banned for using recreational drugs? I don't think so) and he was playing beautiful tennis in the first two sets- which he won. Then weariness and back pain started to kick in- and he faded, allowing Murray to take the final sets with increasing ease.

I've not watched Roland Garros before- mainly because I didn't know I could.  I'm still stuck- mentally, culturally- in the three to four channel age- and hardly ever explore the far reaches of my multi-channel package- where Eurosport crouches among the auctions and the porn. Last year I caught the men's final. This year- finally-  I'm primed and ready.

It was sunny here in Oldham - and seemed even sunnier there in Paris- with the sky so blue and the court so red and the blondes so pink and yellow.  It made me think of Matisse- and thinking of Matisse made me want to hop in the car and keep barreling south until I hit the Med.

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