Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Neighbours Are Back

Shiraz and Sameena and the kids have finally moved back in next door. Nakisha just waved to me from an upstairs window,  toy trumpet in hand- toot, toot, toot-toot. Shiraz gave me a tour of the property yesterday.  Very nice. I particularly like the little blue lights they've got round the base of their kitchen units.  They've spent a lot of money. The building work came to £19,000- and the decorating and the fol-de-rols are on top of that. Thanks to the aggro they had with their incompetent and greedy first builder, who-  among other things- went off  for a fortnight's holiday with their keys in his pocket- they've been out of their home for over six months.
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