Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Gazing Into The Crystal Ball

We still don't have a government. Or, at least, we do- sort of- but it's the old one. I don't suppose Gordon Brown is doing much governing at the moment, but his chancellor was in conference with other European money men over the weekend, agreeing a rescue package for the Euro and committing £15 billion we don't have to the kitty.

Meanwhile, Nick Clegg has a choice of alliances- neither of which is likely to hold together long. A Lib-Con coalition will be undone by ideological differences and grass-roots distaste, and a Lib-Lab one by the fragility of its majority.  The electorate has expressed its deep-seated distaste for all the parties by condemning them to a season of anxiety and impotence.

I don't have any reputation to lose so I'm going to be reckless and prophesy a second election before the year's end, and- going even further out- that David Milliband will be Prime Minister by Christmas.

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