Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Time Of Angels

That was pretty good.

Basically a retread of Silence in the Library

As if Moffat were dissatisfied with Silence in the Library and wanted to make it tighter and scarier.

He even reuses that creepy idea where a person can be dead but still talk to you.

I think the weeping Angels probably are the scariest Monsters ever.

I like the old married couple vibe between River and the Doctor.

Some great in-jokes- like the iconic panty-groany noise the Tardis makes when it lands being down to the Doctor forgetting to  disengage the brakes. We always suspected it, but now we know; it's not the machine that's at fault it's the driver.

Alex Kingston is a treat. She always is.

But if Moffatt is reworking old episodes this early, what are the implications for the show's future? Has he got anything new up his sleeve?
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