Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Election Fever

I'm angry with Labour over the Iraq War, but the Conservatives voted for it too.

As for the economy, Labour may have cosied up to the bankers, but the Conservatives are the bankers- if you see what I mean.

Cameron is a rich boy who has never questioned his privilege. If he had questioned his privilege he wouldn't be a Tory. He will govern in the interests of his class because his class is all he knows. 

There's not all that much you can say in favour of Gordon Brown, but at least he never belonged to the Bullingdon Club.

And he's a survivor. I looked at him and his ministers, drawn up in battle order in front of No 10 for their photo-call- and I found myself admiring them for simply being there.  Mandelson has been counted out twice- but there he still is. That's got to be worth something.

Actually, I chose my team a long, long time ago. My parents were Tories so I wasn't.

Sorry, but this is tribal.

New Labour are bastards, but they're my bastards. I'm backing my bastards to trample your bastards into the mud.
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