Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

I'm Worse Than Everybody's Aunt.

Was it so very different from what RTD has been doing? No.

Some funny bits, some touching bits, some mid-level monsters and some brilliant lines. We're in safe hands.

They're going on about how much bigger the new Tardis is, but there's not much architecture to it- and so the space very largely goes to waste.  What you notice is the clutter. Mind you, the clutter is fun.

Matt Smith is terrific.

Amy has a dopey boyfriend just like Rose. Do we really have to go through all that again?

Loved the montages of past doctors and past foes.

Moffat seemed to be deliberately referencing his greatest hits- Matt got to say "timey-wimey", the doctor missed his appointments with Amy just as he did with Madame de Pompadour- and the hospital ward harked back to the one in The Empty Child.

Who exactly are Mrs Angelo and the good looking lad with porn on his computer- and what is their relation to Amy? Will we be seeing them again?

Not a great episode in itself, but one that did everything it needed to do to launch the new season.

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