Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

One Thing Leading To Another

The poem "Hypatia" references these two earlier poems.

The first is the earliest poem I've kept. It was written when I was 19 or 20. The second was written in 1986, just before my first marriage came apart.

                                    BETWEEN THE PILLARS


                                    I walk between the pillars;

                                    The shadeless winter light

                                    Fades- and faint stars shiver in

                                    An artificial night.


                                    Perspectives are reversed here.

                                    The far-off comes near-to.

                                    I find lost friends on every path

                                    And at the crossroads- you.


                                   TWO DREAMS                     


                                    The long straight hair, the black coat to her ankles,

                                    And Kali's silver image on a chain

                                    Laid flat against her narrow breast- I loved her,

                                    But never thought I'd dream of her again.


                                    Then just the other night she sent a letter;

                                    She had a husband now, she'd cut her hair.

                                    We met as friends.  We all sat down to dinner.

                                    It seemed immensely safe to have her there.


                                    And in the other dream there was a monster,

                                    At least a mile in length.  It filled the lake.

                                    People walked past it unperturbed.  It lay there

                                    Like a big tanker, moveless but awake.

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