Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Archers

Talking about ring-tones. I heard a phone playing the signature tune for The Archers yesterday.

For the benefit of all non-Brits, the Archers is a daily radio soap that has been running for over half a century. It used to be billed as "an every day story of country folk". Gaah! I owe my hatred of it to my parents, who listened religiously.

The signature tune is a distinctive piece of mid-century classical-lite- very bouncy and bucolic. Billy Connolly once suggested that we should ditch "God Save the Queen" and adopt it as our new national anthem.

"Da-dee-da-dee-da-dee-da, Da-dee-da-dee-da-da."

Whenever I hear it I make a lunge for the radio in an attempt to switch it off before the dreadful voices kick in.
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