Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Lunch In Entrevernes

We went shopping. The music coming over the speaker system in the supermarket was mostly English language drek. I noted Rod Stewart and Bonnie Tyler. I've been coming to France for nearly 50 years and in that time I've watched it grow notably less French. When I was a kid I was told you were taking your life in your hands if you addressed a French person in English.These days most of them are only too willing to try out their language skills on you. My conversational French is passable, my grammar lousy and I have a fairly large vocabulary. Most of the conversations I had featured me talking in French to a French person who replied in English. The world grows smaller, more homogenous. I think this is bound to happen- and that if we want to be fit to mix in planetary society it's important it does happen. All the same, I would have preferred Trent or Brel or even Chevalier to Rod.

We bought picnic food and took it up into the mountains. At the village of Entrevernes the road gave out so we pulled into the car-park and ate. The local cider- 99 cents a bottle- turned out to be exceptionally good.

The mountain is called La Tournette.

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