Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Choice Of Browns

There was a choice of Browns on TV last night- Gordon on ITV and Derren on Channel 4.  Gordon had put on a lot of slap and was batting his eyelids like a wee girl at his blokey mate Piers Morgan, in a format derived from that ancient, wet handshake of a show- This is Your Life.  I had thought it my duty to watch, but I couldn't stand it- I really couldn't- and besides- only a touch of the button away- Derren was making like a 19th century spirit medium and showing us how to get a table to fly through the air- which was a lot more fun and in far better taste.

Gordon's friends think we'll vote for him if he pretends he's not a crocodile. They could well be right.  I hope they are- because however detestable New Labour has been I've little doubt that Cameron and the Tories will be worse.

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