Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Absolvo Te...

Kerry is coming round tonight to apologize. I thought she already had done. Oh well....

The back story goes something like this. Kerry used to be a member of our Wiccan fun group. She and another girl were lured away by an outfit that runs correspondence courses in Wicca and Egyptian magic and Thelema. These people convinced our two girls that we were evil, vampiric leeches. Things turned nasty. For a while Kerry and her mate were slinging death curses around. We had had enough and closed the Wiccan fun group.

Kerry soon found out that the people she'd fallen in with were grifters. She apologized, but I guess she didn't think she'd apologized abjectly enough- so here she comes again.


I was writing the other day about how hard I find it to forgive my father for despising me. But I have no problem forgiving Kerry. The difference is that this Kerry stuff doesn't matter to me any more.
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