Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Best Laid Plans

We took Ailz's mother to the supermarket yesterday. She favours Morrisons in Dukinfield- even though it's a long way away- because Dukinfield is where she used to live. The snow lingers in dirty heaps where it's been shovelled off carparks and such. And there's still ice on selected pavements- including the one outside our house.

Ailz's father is having trouble with his chest again. We took him to the doctor in the afternoon. She prescribed anti-biotics and threatened him with hospital if he doesn't improve fast. Ruth and Nic were coming over for lunch today and I was proposing to feed them with roast chicken and chocolate fridge cake, but that's been cancelled because of the likelihood we'll be needed by Eric and Dot.
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