Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Day In The Life

We had to go shopping yesterday or else we'd have run out of basics and the in-laws would have run out of pet food.  While I was cutting a path to the car through the impacted ice, a neighbour told me about a multiple pile-up he'd witnessed at the junction of Broadway and the A627. He said 10 cars. Later I read it was 25.

I scored a copy of There Will Be Blood for £3.99 at Sainsbury's. Also a pack of lychees for 20p.

We delivered their shopping to the in-laws. My mother-in-law had cleared their drive of snow- all except the bumpy bit at the top where it joins the road- so with a certain amount of skidding and wheel-spinning we were able to get onto it. I then helped myself to a spade and finished the job.  We talked about their neighbour who is trying to mount a legal challenge to the building of two "family homes" on a back garden across from her bungalow. For "family homes" read "homes designed for the Asian market".

In the evening I ate my cheap lychees while watching my cheap movie.
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