Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

This And That

1. Ailz is watching Wallender on the BBC i-player. She calls out to tell me I have a better body than Kenneth Branagh- which is nice, . Apparently he's all doughy and white- with saggy tits.  I watched the show the other night- and can't say I noticed.

2. Odi rings. We haven't seen her since the other side of Christmas. She says Fabi has been touching his palm with his forefinger, then moving it up under his arm- which she interprets as him missing his grandad (me)  because I'm the only one who plays that game with him. You know the game I mean? You trace a circle on the child's palm, walk your fingers up the arm them tickle him, whilst reciting,
Round and round the garden
Like a teddy-bear
One step,
Two step,
And tickley under there.

The suspence is delicious. My dad used to play it with me. I hated it- but always wanted him to do it again.

3. More verse- from a song I used to play on my mother's wind-up gramophone.

The kings horses,
The kings men,
They marched up the road and they marched down again;
The kings horses
And the kings men.

For some reason that's going round and round my head this morning. There must be more to it, but that's all I know.
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