Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

La Dolce Vita

My friend strange_complex has a user-pic that shows Anita Ekberg- in the most famous sequence from La Dolce Vita- dancing in the Trevi fountain. Seeing this put me in mind of a poem I wrote- just after Christmas- in miserable weather-  about twelve years ago.  I called it up on screen, tinkered with it a bit and- here it is...

                                                La Dolce Vita


                                    Outside it’s Christmas, but on TV-

                                    For all the horror of emptiness-

                                    It's Rome and August- the lucky sods....


                                    …Only it wasn’t- not in good faith.

                                    Anita Ekberg has blown the gaffe.

                                    That scene where she dances in the fountain

                                    (Not incidentally the real thing

                                    But a plaster mock-up at Cinecitta)

                                    Her toes were froze; it was January.

                                    So what we're seeing ain't nature, not

                                    A top-heavy starlet prancing about

                                    In brainless abandon but actually acting-

                                    Bloody good acting too, my loves.


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