Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

And Continues...

Since we've no running water in the kitchen I've been fetching it in a big plastic bottle from the bathroom- and only doing as much washing-up as is absolutely necessary.

I made an excellent lamb curry for lunch yesterday.

The BBC has been airing a set of programmes looking at the historical trends of the Noughties. I don't mean what was happening in the pop charts or the coming or going of politicians- but the underlying societal changes- the deep sea currents. Yesterday we were considering globalisation. Did you know that the rise of the Chinese economy has led to a fall in burgary in the UK? It works like this: burglary is a business like any other- and if electrical goods- which is what your old time burglar was mainly after- are really, really cheap in the shops (thanks to the Chinese making them in sweatshops) there ceases to be a market for them "off the back of a lorry".  The burglar isn't making any money, so he stops burgling- and takes to mugging instead. 

Every so often we get a flurry of snow. 
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