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Tony Grist

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Reading Habits [Dec. 12th, 2009|10:51 am]
Tony Grist
I read 26 books last year. One a fortnight. By the time we hit New Year's Eve I'll have finished one or two more.

All but three of them were fiction.

The author I read most of was Evelyn Waugh: I read six of his books. The runner up was Agatha Christie; I read four of hers.

The oldest book I read was the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, which is 15th century. I read two 19th century novels (one by Balzac, one by Zola); all the rest were less than 100 years old.

Eleven of my authors were men; three were women.

Six were British, five American, two French, one Italian. One (Conrad) was a Pole who wrote in English, one (Littell) an American who writes in French.

I find I am getting less willing to finish books I don't like. Among the books I started and didn't finish were Angela Carter's Wise Children, Flaubert's Bouvard and Pecuchet, something of Raymond Chandler's and Robert Musil's The Man Without Qualities.

The book that made the biggest impression on me (if I haven't written much about it, it's because I'm still coming to terms with it) was Jonathan Littell's The Kindly Ones.

I am currently reading Robert Holdstock's Lavondyss.

[User Picture]From: solar_diablo
2009-12-12 12:45 pm (UTC)
I've put down more tha a few books without finishing them, but I admit I will still trudge through a book I don't enjoy if it's generally regarded as quality literature. I did it with Catcher in the Rye (and I'm STILL trying to figure out why people liked it so much) and I'm doing it now with Lolita. What I'll end up doing is putting it down for awhile, reading one or two books, then going back to finish it.
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[User Picture]From: poliphilo
2009-12-12 01:00 pm (UTC)
I've never read Catcher in the Rye, but I quite enjoyed Franny and Zooey.

I guess these days it comes down to whether I find an author simpatico or not. My time is too short for me to tolerate spending it in the company of people I don't like.
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[User Picture]From: karenkay
2009-12-12 02:28 pm (UTC)
How do you keep track of what you read?
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[User Picture]From: poliphilo
2009-12-12 05:38 pm (UTC)
This year I kept a note on LJ of everything I'd read, so all I had to do was quickly flip through my archive.
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