Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Very Wet Weekend Break. II

After the white-knuckle experience of cruising through the flooded Dales we ditched our plans for a scenic journey home and decided to spend time in Newcastle instead. First we went to have a look at the cathedral and castle, then we crossed the river and spent two or three hours at the Baltic. We saw three exhibitions- Kim Soojas video installations- where she stands very still and lets the world flow past her- Damien Hirst's famous Pharmacy- which left me cold- and Parrsworld- Martin Parr's fascinating collection of photographs and ephemera (cases full of watches with Saddam's face on the dial) coupled with his own photographs of very rich people at play.

Then we came home down the A1.

Medieval glass, Newcastle cathedral

The Millennium Bridge

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