Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Bit Of This, A Bit Of That

I took various bladed instruments to the hedge between our property and Renee's yesterday. I'd like to cut it right down to waist height, but Renee says, "no". She likes it being the height it is- about 6-7 feet- because she believes it protects her front windows from footballs.

I dreamed there was an invisible ghost in the kitchen- and it was doing the washing up.

This morning, early, we took the car into the dealership to have its clutch sorted out. If we weren't with Motability we'd be looking at a bill for something like £1,000. The girl behind the desk reminded me of my erstwhile-almost-daughter-in-law, same build, same floppy hair, same cheery front. We came home in a skittish little courtesy car that looks and feels as if it came out of a Kinder egg.

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