Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Edward Woodward. RIP

Edward Woodward deserved better material. He played a couple of TV hard-nuts and that branded him- and made it difficult for him to be accepted in other roles. I never watched Callan, but I remember it going down well in the playground. The Equalizer - an infantile fantasy about a good man with a gun- went down well in the playground too.

His reputation will rest on two very good, small films- the Wicker Man (obviously) and Breaker Morant- in which he plays a soldier who is left to carry the can for a war crime that is condoned from on high. If the dice had fallen right he could have been a major film star.

There's one more film to come- A Congregation of Ghosts- in which he plays a spectral vicar. It sounds promising.
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