Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

No More Cock-a-doodle

I haven't heard the rooster for a few days. I guess they must have eaten it.

Carl came round yesterday and we had a consultation about jobs we want doing. He put up a shelf in the kitchen. If I had a big roll of notes in my back pocket I'd strip the kitchen back to the bare walls and start again.

I'm reading Five Little Pigs. Agatha Christie's grandson says it's her best book and I'm reading it for that reason, not for the mystery- because I already know whodunnit from the TV movie.  I admire Christie's economy of style, her lack of sentiment and her broad and incisive knowledge of human nature. I've said it before- and I stick to it-  that she's the 20th century's Jane Austen.

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