Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

La Vita Nuova

I had a conversion experience in London. I was watching one of those TV makeover shows in the hotel bedroom. This woman had a filthy, disgusting, untidy house. The cleanliness gurus came and sorted it out for her. I groaned. I was convicted. I saw the light.

So now I'm decorating the kitchen.

I bought an over-all with a nifty hood. It makes me look like I'm planning to handle toxic waste. It's a design classic with lots of little air-holes to let the skin breathe. Thing is the little holes also let in paint.

But I've undercoated the ceiling twice and things are looking good. Next step is to paint it a sunny yellow. Then we move to the walls. They're going to be terracotta. Seeing how the whole ensemble- ceiling and walls- used to be midnight blue (God knows why- but I must have picked it) the transformation will be startling.
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