Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


All I ask is consistency. Either the seduction of a child is the most disgusting crime on the book or it's a forgiveable peccadillo; I can live with either. What I find unacceptable is a state of affairs where it's the most disgusting crime on the book when the offender is Creepy Joe Schmo and a forgiveable peccadillo when he's an Oscar-winning film director. Justice should be impartial; that's why its personification is shown wearing a blindfold.  I don't mind excuses being made for Polanski's behaviour- for example that he was traumatised by his childhood experiences- just so long that kind of indulgence is extended to every paedophile. A person's wealth, status, talent, and popularity should have no bearing on their standing in law. 
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