Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Alice's Book Signing

They'd put Alice at a little table in the back room- or the front room if you enter the store by way of Bowling Green Street- with the biographies beside her and a carousel full of Mr Men books behind her. Prominent on the biography shelves- at Alice's elbow in fact- was a CD of David Niven reading The Moon's A Balloon- which Alice and I listened to together- back in 1991- coming back from a holiday in Switzerland. It seemed like a happy omen.

Ailz and I arrived after she'd been at her post for about an hour. Most of the business had happened as soon as she opened her stall, but friends and supporters kept dropping by- including a journalist from the Leicester Community Hub who filmed a short interview with her which is now up on YouTube .  We talked a little with Lucy Gibbs, the therapist who took Al on the first of her life between lives regressions. She knows Dr Newton (the Life Between Lives man) and says he's really sweet and kind and modest and she regards him as a senior member of "her soul family". It felt pretty cool to be hanging out there- as part of Alice's posse; it was like we owned the place.

Can you spot David?
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