Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

An Afternoon In Derbyshire

Ailz won some stuff on eBay that we had to go collect from a house in Buxton. It was job lot of baby things- a car seat, a high chair, a bouncer and some clothes.  When we got there we found a cheery young woman in a dark basement flat which was apparently being dismantled- and no sign of a baby.  Ailz suggested that the owner of the baby had done a runner and the young woman was an agent of the landlord, selling off the defaulting tenant's junk. Perhaps. 

We spent the afternoon driving round Derbyshire. All the little towns were full of people enjoying the last of the summer. Here's the 13th century bridge at Bakewell, where they make the tarts.

And here's Holy Trinity church at Ashford-in-the-Water. The tower is early 13th century, and the rest a Victorian rebuild.

Holy Trinity contains this treasure-  the tympanum from the original Norman church. The 13th century builders reused in a wall and the Victorians recovered it and stuck it back more or less where it belongs. It shows the Tree of Life- or the True Vine- menaced by a pig and a wolf.

Finally here's some typical Derbyshire hill country somewhere near Tideswell


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