Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Faulty Electrics

The thing that was wrong with the boiler was the same thing that was wrong with it in January- the electrics had been flooded with some sort of light, oily, slightly sticky, liquid stuff. The guy in January was mystified. The guy yesterday said it was caused by "the coating coming off the wires". He replaced a part- not the part the other guy replaced- and things are working again.

I watched bits of The Fellowship of the Rings yesterday evening. I don't like it any better than I ever did. Tolkien's book is about the industrialisation of the Midlands- with occasional flashbacks to the First World War- and is the product of a peculiarly English, conservative-romantic imagination.  Peter Jackson doesn't understand the first thing about it- and his film is a coarse, empty, dim-witted travesty. 
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