Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Moving Through The System

They've put Odi in a groundfloor bedsit in a South Manchester street that- the plaque says- was regenerated in 2004. The road has been chopped into sections to calm the cars and all the turn-of-the century houses have had their faces scrubbed and their windows replaced. There's a park at one end of the street and a church I nearly served in at the other. Halfway down there's a mosque with a miniature, gaily-painted minaret. 

We walked to the park. It has a wildflower meadow and a nicely maintained play area where Odi, Fabrizio and I rode the swings. There are local shops- and Hume High Street is within walking distance. Odi bought a saucpan in Asda and some frozen goats feet and other foodstuffs at a market stall.  

Odi's case worker, a Jamaican guy called Errol, was chasing after her yesterday to give her £30 emergency money- and she has an interview this morning with someone from the Refugee Support Network. I can't keep track of all the agencies that are hovering round her, but between them they seem to be getting the job done.

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