Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

What We Did Last Week: 4

Which brings us to Thursday- which was the day our niece Jo was getting married. We had sandwiches at the Landmark and then bumped over more unimportant Exmoor roads to Hunter's Inn in the Heddon Valley.

This part of Devon is isolated. You can't get a phone signal in most of Ilfracombe- and as for the Heddon Valley, forget it.

They say this is an overcrowded island. Don't believe them.

The Hunter's Inn looks like this.

It's a special place. The present landlord saved it from demolition, took it on as a challenge- almost as a dare (because it wasn't making money)- and has turned it into an award-winning success. He deserves it all, because he seems to be a really nice bloke. A lot of walkers come through the valley- which belongs to the National Trust and he'll feed them any meal they want.  It's the inn in a hole at the end of axle-breaking roads that never sleeps.

Ailz lost a pendant (of considerable sentimental value) at the wedding. The cleaning staff found it next day and the landlord rang to tell us. It's that kind of personalised customer-care that counts.

The river Heddon looks like this. 


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