Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

What We Did Last Week: 2

We had lunch in a lay-by, then went to Wells. Wells is the most photogenic town in England. Stand anywhere on the high street, point your camera in the direction of the cathedral and you can't go wrong.

We thought of going round the Bishop's Palace and gardens, but they wanted lots of money off us, so we went to the barrier and I took a picture of the facade. There were some very old men, dressed in white, playing croquet on the lawn. Oh, England, my England!

We left Wells and tootled up into the Mendips. We passed through Wookey Hole, famous for its caves- and it turned out to be the very day they were auditioning for the new- and very well paid- position of Witch of Wookey. I was particularly interested because my friend wyrmwwd had thought of applying. I saw a sign by the roadside that said Witch Auditions Car Park and  spotted a photo-op. So here's a picture of Ailz with the cars of lots of putative witches behind her.

The historic Witch of Wookey is a stalagmite/tite formation in a cave. The legend goes that there's a real petrified human body at the heart of it. The new witch will be required to dress up, play pretty with the tourists and give good cackle. Ian was watching the news that night and says the post went to a local girl- a former estate agent. The judges said they chose her for her sense of humour. 

After Wookey we climbed to the top of the Mendips and then down through the Cheddar Gorge. There were lots and lots of people in the Gorge, some climbing, some strolling, some buying tat, some eating chips. We shuddered and passed on.

Here's a view of the Somerset levels from somewhere between Wookey and Cheddar

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