Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Lammastide Resolution

As you may have gathered I've been away for a week. It's been good. And one of the good things about it has been not keeping up with the news. There were newspapers in the Costa Coffee shop where we had breakfast this morning- and I took a quick shufti at them to confirm my hunch that nothing very much would have happened in the interim. And it hadn't. Mr Brown still appears to be prime minister and there's still a war going on in Afghanistan. In other words, everything that happened in the days I missed wasn't really news at all. If an event of real significance had happened- anything that shifted the paradigms- I believe I'd have heard about it fast enough by word of mouth- and quite possibly from the soldiers manning the road blocks.

I waste too much time with the newspapers- and especially with their entrail-examining political columnists- so, here's my good resolution for Lammas: I'm not going to read them any more. 

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