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Tony Grist

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A Missing Person [Sep. 1st, 2004|05:46 pm]
Tony Grist
Where did shellefly go? I've been away; I haven't been keeping up with my friends the way I should- so have I missed something? Did she warn us of her disappearance?

I flick back through my friends' pages and find she's been expunged from the record. Everything she ever wrote has gone. It's rather horrible.

shellefly, if you've reincarnated under another name please let me know. I want to go on being your friend.

[User Picture]From: catvalente
2004-09-01 10:10 am (UTC)
She's got a deadline and personal stuff--she'll be back at the end of the month.
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[User Picture]From: poliphilo
2004-09-01 11:29 am (UTC)
Thanks. I'm looking forward to her return.
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