Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Facts Of The Case

You'll remember Azam- no need for secrecy now- the young Pakistani man who wants to convert to Christianity? His uncle found out and- among other things (the other things quite possibly including death threats) - withdrew his sponsorship, which is the one thing that allowed Azam to stay in the country. Azam went on the run and ended up in Liverpool- where he threw himself at the mercy of Customs and Immigration- and asked for asylum. The officials in Liverpool didn't think much of his case and sent him down to Heathrow- where his application was "fast-tracked" and rejected. There may be a legal appeal; Azam's solicitor, Mr Leslie, is looking into this. If not- or if the appeal fails- he will be sent back to Pakistan- where he will be welcomed as an apostate.
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