Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Day Out On The Fylde Coast

This is Fleetwood- a quiet seaside town- and former fishing port- just up the coast from unquiet Blackpool. When we started out as witches our mother coven met here.

We paddled, we went round the market, we had afternoon tea.

On our way home we stopped at John Ditchfield's glassworks at Poulton le Fylde- and got to watch him blow a vase. He said afterwards he'd intended it as a balloon, but changed his mind part way through. Ailz told him about collecting Murano glass rabbits - and he said those are known in the trade as "frigworks" because they're made when the glassblowers are "frigging about" in the lunchbreaks or at the end of the working day. I bought Ailz a pendant for her birthday. Ditchfield's big thing is iridescence. I adore iridescence.  
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