Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Today I have been convalescent.

In the morning I wrote several LJ posts and then deleted them because they were boring

In the afternoon I struggled with one of  the Daily Telegraph's cryptic crosswords. 

My mother rang. She had had a man visit her from the Birmingham Art Gallery to ask her about the painter Joseph Southall, who is a distant relative of ours. The Gallery is gearing up to a retrospective exhibition of his work in 2012.

Ailz wanted sausages for tea. I found a recipe that involved adding onions and apples to the pan and then stewing everything in a sauce made of chicken stock, red currant jelly (I didn't have any, so used bramble jelly instead) and wholegrain mustard.

Contentment by Joseph Southall (1861-1944)
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