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Tony Grist

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Stray Thoughts Of A Fugged-Up Brain [Jun. 22nd, 2009|06:34 pm]
Tony Grist
Championship tennis is really good for sleeping through.

I'm glad I cooked a proper dinner- pork steaks, apple sauce, potatoes, baked beans. I couldn't taste it, but the texture was very comforting.

I'm no fan of the burqua, but I don't think democracies should tell women what they should or shouldn't wear.

[User Picture]From: ideealisme
2009-06-22 06:07 pm (UTC)


In theory I should agree with you.

In practice, Mr Strange and I were viewing a news feature about Taliban extremists in north-eastern Pakistan. One of these would-be martyrs said proudly "Women should stay at home. They are worth less than a plastic bag."

I actually got upset. I turned around and said to Mr Strange, "How come they hate us so much?"

Also one of the ministers who criticised Sarkozy said the measure could end up with "women being unable to leave their own homes".

No, active voice, please, let's blame the blameworthy. Women being unable to leave their homes because MUSLIM MEN who think they aren't worth plastic bags use their phallocentric power to imprison them there.

I'm with Shorty on this one.
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[User Picture]From: poliphilo
2009-06-23 09:05 am (UTC)

Re: Burqa

I worry about the implications. Telling people what they can or cannot wear is tyranny.

There's a strong case to be made against the burqua. I just don't think a powerful male politician is the best person to be making it.
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