Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Teething Troubles

The big Sainsbury's in the town centre has a new scheme to control parking. There are barriers. You pick a card up at the barrier, do your shopping, get the card swiped at the check-out desk, then feed it back into the system on your way out.  £5 worth of shopping buys you 20 minutes parking;  £5+ buys you a couple of hours.  This is the first week of the scheme and all the barriers were manned- which suggests teething troubles. The man ahead of me in the checkout queue- who was buying nothing but alcohol- was being nasty with the check out girl over how much parking time he was allowed- and she had to call a colleague over to sort things out.  She told me there's been a lot of this.

Ailz has the flu- so Carl (who is doing work for us in and around the house) drove me into town. Thank you, Carl.

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